Time to use India grown and adapted HRIS systems rather than global ERPs?

Per Gartner’s research, only 9% of chief human resource officers agree that their organization is prepared for the future of work

And yet, HR teams are buried in daily routine work viz. transactional HR. Many organizations feel their HR teams are spending most of the valuable time managing the transactional activities like managing/recording data without a clear focus on strategic HR initiatives. This leads to the following issues:

· Inefficient decision making due to lack of data and analytics.

· HR team becomes the bottleneck for data causing low organizational agility.

· Inability for HR to work on strategic and employee-facing activities.

· Slower adoption of new people initiatives

A robust HRMS system can solve many of these problems. Unfortunately the solutions from big box companies like SAP, Oracle etc are worse than the problem. The immense investment sucks away all funds for other HR initiatives and the lingering issues and implementation require a need to employ experts on an ongoing basis.

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