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Services we create

  • Creating Qualification Packs & Curriculum

  • Skill Development

  • Building Competencies across all positions

  • Competencies to Skills Mapping

  • Unique Methodology using IBM Watson and Proprietary AI based SpotMentor tools

Qualification Packs (QPs) and National Occupational Standards for Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council

Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) is a Not – for – Profit Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. THSC is promoted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with inclusive representation of the Government, Industry, Industry Associations and Training Institutes across India.


THSC is mandated to create a robust and sustainable eco-system for skill development in the industry.


GrowthSource has been entrusted in updating and creating the Occupational Standards and Qualification packs for Tourism & Hospitality industry. Team GrowthSource is currently underway in meeting timelines and  Quality standards as set by National Skill Development Council (NSDC) and THSC. More on this to follow soon.


IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite

  • Build talent pipelines

  • Source and attract top talent with candidate relationship management (CRM) powered by a behavioral and digital marketing platform.

  • Nurture talent, and predict campaign effectiveness with A/B testing.

  • Select and hire with ease

  • Find, hire, and retain the best person for each position using a market-leading applicant tracking system (ATS)

  • Configurable, scalable, and flexible

  • Onboard and accelerate

  • Onboard with exceptional experience for new hires and their managers, getting them engaged and connected before day one so they can hit the ground running.

Is your organisation ready Today, for Business Tomorrow?

  • Cybersecurity threats, disruption, digital transformation, reduced budgets, mergers/ acquisitions, & changing regulations are challenges your organization faces today. What will tomorrow bring? And will your employees be ready?

  • Securing, developing and retaining the right talent with the right skills is as critical as your organization’s bottom line, if not more

  • But, how do you know which skills are needed to optimize your workforce in an ever-evolving landscape?

  • Implementing a standardized skills and competencies framework can improve employee and organizational success


Define and optimize employee talent — and pave the way for

AI-powered HR transformation

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

IBM® Watson® Talent Frameworks is a library of industry-specific job profiles that helps you define, develop and hire people with the skills you need. Key responsibilities, job level, core competencies, functional and technical skills for the roles, interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals and prescriptive learning suggestions help you find and develop the right candidates. IBM Watson Talent Frameworks ensures you have the right skills to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational success and maximize sales growth — as well as the ability to innovate and compete.

Call GrowthSource today to know how refurbishing your competencies can benefit your organisation in its revenue and profitability growth.


What can it do for you?

Attract better candidates

Set expectations about who will be successful in the job beyond the job description.


Hire better faster

Get the analysis and support you need to identify required skills and make informed decisions for hiring, learning and workforce optimization.


Increase your ROI

Focus on engaging employees and managers through your existing talent management tools with a common, content-rich experience

Empower Management

Support managers with the tools and resources they need for better candidate interviewing, career development and performance evaluation — as well as employee management and compensation discussions.

Get Real Results

Achieve better business results by defining and identifying the right skills needed by your organization.

Impact the bottom line

Save time and money by rapidly deploying a skills-based culture more efficiently and effectively without having to develop your own content from scratch.

Functional Job & Competency