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1. -How does the batches/classes/training get conducted

Classes are Live online interactive training sessions of 90 minutes, twice per week.

2. -When are the batches/classes/training get scheduled 

Training sessions of 90 minutes, twice per week. 

All learning materials for each program are accessed through our secure learning portal so you review each learning module prior to the corresponding live session. The monthly material will be released to the learning portal at the end of each month.

Scheduled live sessions are conducted through ZOOM and can be accessed from any laptop, computer or mobile device.

Live session recordings are also available through the learning portal so you can review, or in case you have missed a class.

No! Just bring your curious mind.We start with NSBASIC™ and work up from there to the more complex learning!All the lessons are written in laymen’s language.

There are 3 Levels to the Program.  Everyone starts at Level I.  You may choose to take all 3 levels together or you may choose to take Levels separately.


A) Level 1 is 12 hours  – WettWorks Academy Certification and 12 C.C.E.’s

          - Neuroscience in the 21st Century, NSBASIC™ – PFC, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Basal                Ganglia – What is it, how do I use it, application to organisations

          - Neuroscience for Coaches, Leadership & Self

          - Applied Neuroscience in organisations

          - Tools – Ladder of Conclusion, BIG 4 Reciprocal Psychological Needs, How the Brain                    Creates a Concept of Self

          - “Putting it All Together” Plan

B) Level 2 is 18 hours  – WettWorks Academy Certification and 18 C.C.E.’s

         - Neuroscience for Coaches, Leadership & Development

         - Neuroscience training for teams and in the organization

         - Tools- Change Matrix, Conversational Dashboard, T.R.U.S.T. , introduction                         to I.G.N.I.T.E. and E-Motions

         - “Putting it All Together” Plan

C) Level 3 is 24 hours – ISO Certification and 24 C.C.E.’s

         - Coaches and Leadership development.

         - In-house coaching and development.

         - Roadmap for Change – Designed Change Concept (DCC)

         - Certification Project Completion

         - “Putting it All Together” Plan

         - Graduation!

- We record the weekly classes for your review later.

- Watch (video), listen to (audio), or read whenever it suits you. Access any time on any device.

- The hands-on practical sessions are comprised of specific skills training, demonstrations,                   practicing skills with a partner and working on your own live case study.

- NSBASIC™ Framework is included in each Level.

- Class preparation takes about 30 minutes of reading/ audio or reviewing

          Practice coaching with a peer is outside of training hours and the more you practice the more            skilled you will become!

Yes!  Each Level is accredited for CCE’s for those wishing this credits.

Our complete Certificate program (all 3 Levels) is ISO approved

- Level I -   Neuroscience Practitioner Certificate

- Level II -  Neuroscience Leader Certificate

- Level III – Neuroscience Master Certificate

- You do need to be in attendance for 80 % of the live calls to be awarded the ISO certificate. And there is also a required written assessment to submit.

- You do need to be in attendance for 80% of the live classes to be awarded the ICF CCE units.

We recommend that you complete all three levels of the Neuroscience program. This enables you to receive an ISO certification. Each of the levels builds upon the previous one and hence you can reach level 3, only after completing levels 1 and 2. 

Level 1  - Price: ₹ 15,000*

Level 2 - Price: ₹ 25,000* 

Level 3 - Price: ₹ 35,000*

Combo Offer - Level (1+2) - ₹ 38,500*

Combo Offer - Level (1+2+3) - Flat Price: ₹ 60,000*

Early Birds benefit till Sept 7th - Level (1+2) - ₹36,500*, Level (1+2+3) - ₹55,000*

More Benefits: DUO Discounts and  Group offer etc. - Drop an email for the information on

* Tax @18% additional, Rates are in INR

The payments can be made by a direct bank transfer to the account. The account details are as below:

Account Holder: GS Advisors Private Limited

Bank Name: ICICI Bank Limited

Account Number: 344505000267

IFSC code: ICIC0003445


As soon as you make the payment the invoice is sent across to you

If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, (and you have attended all the live sessions and read or watched all the learning materials provided), you may receive a pro-rated refund upon request.

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