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Program Details

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Level 1

  • Neuroscience in the 21st century

  • PFV, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Basal Ganglia

  • What are these, How to  use  them and their applications to organizations

  • Neuroscience & Leadership

  • Self-applied Neuroscience in organizations


  • LOC, 4 psychological Needs,  Concept of Self

  • Move Forward Plan

Level 2

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  • Neuroscience and Leadership Development

  • - Neuroscience training on teams and in the organization


  • Change Matrix

  • Conversational Dashboard

  • T.R.U.S.T intro to IGNITE s/w

  • Move Forward Plan

Level 3

  • Leadership Development

  • Inhouse coaching & development

  • Roadmap Change

  • Designed Change Concept (DCC)


  •       Certification Project

  •       Move Forward Plan


Don Hummons

Chief Learning Officer 

WettWorks Academy, Australia

Behavioral Psychologist, 35+ years experience coaching leaders in top Fortune 100 companies like Google, Dell Technologies, Bank of America etc


Iris Hainstock CPC, PCC

Founder & Coach at Boundless Horizons Coaching, Canada

25+ years of experience as a Coach and Mentor with a national Canadian corporationin


Tanya Nesterenco, MHSc.

CEC ACC Certified Executive and Communication Coach (CEC-ACC)

 Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, complimenting as a registered Speech-Language Pathologist

25+ years of experience as a Coach and Mentor with a national Canadian corporation

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