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Augmenting Human Potential


Content I Technology I Services

We are an organisation of thought leaders working in the Learning Content Creation and HR Technology space with a passion to work towards augmenting Human capability through our work.

Our bespoke offerings include creating content (including ILT as well as e-Learning), consulting, bringing HR/Learning Technology solutions and providing services for the unique needs of our clients.

Our technology solutions use AI, ML, Chatbots and other emerging technologies to help human decision making, Human Resource Management and enhance capabilities and productivity.

We Create the Winning Edge for you!

Our Unique Value Proposition

Tailored & personalized


Integrated & holistic Solutions

Diverse pool of experts across  disciplines  

Speed, Service & Quality


Creating the Winning Edge for YOU

Going Over Data

Content Creation

  • ILT Content


  • QP, NOS, Model Curriculum, NAPS Curriculum


  • e-Learning Modules


  • Self Paced Learning


  • 2D & 3D Animation

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GS Academy

  • Researching and building cutting edge training through partnering with the Global best brains in the field of Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Currently running Neuroscience based  NSBASICS course in partnership with Wettworks Academy, Australia

Computer Programming

HR Technology

  • Bringing the best of technology to Corporates to improve their Productivity, Employee Engagement, reduce attrition and enhance profitability

  • IBM Business Partner

  • Infeedo Amber

  • PromptHR

  • Many more...

Doing Homework

  • An LMS (Learning Management System) on an open platform

  • One of the pioneers in distance learning solutions

  • Single Trainer/Tutor/Instructor or an Institute giving education across the spectrum, to children or adults, for competitions or academics, one of the best platforms to create online classrooms with live classroom capability 

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HR Consulting & Services

  • Complete HR Management Consulting & Services

  • Applying Analytical Processes on HR

  • Employee Performance and Retention through effective Analytics

  • Competency & skills framework

  • Learning & Career Paths

  • Hiring & Assessments

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GS Talks

  • Regular Learning events in person as well as Webinars for our Subscribers, Clients, Patrons etc.

  • Getting together experts to share their knowledge and experience on Human behaviour, Employee engagement, Coaching practices, Psychology and scores of different topics of importance

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Our employees are very happy. They are liking the learning journey.  Their solution has suddenly created this excitement around learning in our employees. We had many of our employees take up learning over the long weekend

A Large Multinational Client in the technology Industry


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Having a need for Content Creation? Looking for e-Learning Solutions? Struggling with your HR Technology? The question of whether to have one single HRMS system or have multiple tools? How can AI help my organisation? How do I keep pace of my HR and L&D department with the tech speed of my organisation? We already have too many systems, yet seem to need more? How can I avoid this mess?

Grappling with any of the above or more questions?


Don't fret! just reach out to us and we shall be happy to understated your requirements put you on the right path forward.

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