Webinars on Neuroscience in Coaching & Leadership

4 Free Webinars during Covid '19 crisis.

Over 250 learners participated in this spell binding series of Webinars, demystifying Neuroscience and giving its applications in Coaching, Leadership and Team Building, Interpersonal relationships and how to build them.

They also focused on One's relationship with themselves and how once could understand the depth of one;s own mind and achieve more, stay happy and be successful in one's endeavors.

Brought to you in Conjunction with Wettworks Academy, Australia and taken by Don Hummons, a renowned psychologist and a coach to many Fortune 100 leaders, these live webinars benefited the attendees enormously. The testimony being the high positive response we got.

Masterclass on Future of Coaching

Driven by Neuroscience 

This immersive experience got all the queries of attendees pertaining to Neuroscience resolved. As a fundamental platform it INSPIREed coaches to the next level of coaching for the 21st century as we journeyed through the NSBASIC Immersion Experience.

In the session Coaches discovered.....




2. Important insights into the HUMAN BRAIN.


3. Why is this knowledge important for LEADERS & COACHES?


4. And much more …

Missed them? No sweat! Here's the recording of all of them and more. Keep coming back to find our other webinars being chronicled here. Hope you enjoy them!

At GrowthSource, we believe Knowledge is Power. And Power should always belong to people. The best way to spread this power of knowledge is by sharing it. It is with this thought, that we created a talk series, code-named "GS Talks".


Capturing some of the GS Talk moments below :