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Bespoke Learning Content Solutions to meet your business needs

GrowthSource is an eLearning company based out of India. We commenced our operations in 2019 and since then, we have grown from strength to strength and won several pestigious global and Indian Projects. At GrowthSource, our mission is to make eLearning accecible to everyone at an affordable cost and using some of the best learning tech available.


GrowthSource offers Learning content creation, technology support, and a proprietary learning platform – GS Academi that helps learners acquire new skills. We adopt a practical approach to eLearning design and development and function as a boutique firm that offers customized eLearning content and technology solutions to help academic institutions – Universities, K12, Coaching Institutes etc., Government agencies and Corporate organizations to meet their training and employee development goals.

Our Philosophy

Humans have infinite potential and when Apt Engaging Content is delivered to the Right Audience, in the Perfect Way, at the Correct Time human potential can be further augmented for an enhanced outcome.

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We understand the interdependencies of People, Processes, and Technology. We apply years of experience in developing learning content using adult learning theories, experiential learning, cross-functional knowledge, industry knowledge and learning technologies to maximize training ROI for our clients.

Address your L&D Challenges

Wen you want to overcome the challenges posed by:

  • Ever increasing training Costs

  • Training geographically spread workforce

  • Lack of training

  • Upskilling graduates who are not “job-ready”

  • Poorly designed training content

  • Out-dated training programs

  • Monotonous class room training

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Improving the efficacy of Training

When you want to enhance your training to be interactive and engaging for higher retention of knowledge

  • Convert ILTs to eLearning

  • Re-design lengthy eLearning into microlearning units

  • Assess your training needs

  • Design the course curriculum for your learners

  • Define learning outcomes and deploy learning in the flow of work

  • Measure the effectiveness of your learning content

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Customise your Learning Content

When you decide to reassess the existing learning content for enhanced knowledge retention and ROI for the:-

  • Scenario based Learning

  • Simulations

  • Experiential Immersive learning

  • Engaging Gamification of your existing content

Converting your current trainings like:

  • Employee Induction

  • Compliance Trainings

  • Product Trainings

  • Customer Education

  • Sales Trainings

  • Process Trainings

  • Technical Trainings

  • Soft skills Trainings

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