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Neuroscience Coach

Neuroscience… Brain-focused coaching is a new approach that complements and amplifies the principles and practices of coaching to create powerful, positive, and transformational changes for the coachee.

Much or all of the science will be invisible to the coachee. But as a coach, you will be using your deep knowledge of neuroscience at every step, developing a brain-friendly coaching environment that will:


        - Focus on the thinking

        - Help the coachee break out of autopilot

        - Encourage new thinking and insight

        - Leverage the coachee’s brain’s preference for hardwiring &

        - Embed new learning and behavior


Brain-focused coaching thus facilitates positive change by first improving thinking.


And you don't just need to be a coach to attend. If you are a Senior Leader, an HR Leader, an Educator, or a Therapist, you will find this course equally enriching for you and will help you manage people more effectively.


Click the "Enroll Now" button below to check out our special pricing and enroll to bring a powerful edge to your coaching practice 


Explore the neuroscience of habits and motivation, why humans are so resistant to change and evidence-based strategies to help your clients achieve their goals.

Learn why talking about the 'lizard brain' may corrode your client's sense of agency, and how to explain the contemporary brain science of 'emotion creation' instead.


Understand the neurobiology of learning, risk and reward, and how to encourage a growth mindset (and the pitfalls of doing so!).

Explore more difficult questions such as, "Can working memory be improved?" and "Does IQ matter in the classroom?"


Improves your credibility and augments your business


Gain a deep understanding of how thoughts and feelings are intertwined in the decision-making process and how to enable creative thinking.

Appreciate why we can't scan two CEO's brains and tell which is the better leader!


Become even more successful by managing interpersonal relationships as well as large teams, Seniors, and Clients more effectively through the understanding of the human brain and how it functions.


Update your knowledge bank with the latest neuroscience research and evidence-based tools. We have a strong focus on mental health and healthy aging.

Answer those difficult questions such as "Why are women more vulnerable to anxiety and depression than men?" or "What are the genetic versus lifestyle risk factors for Alzheimer's disease?"

Program Benefits

NSBASIC  Framework


This NSBASIC Neuroscience Framework can be applied to your coaching practice.

  • You can explain to your clients how neuroscience will help them achieve sustainable change.

  • This new framework will give you greater credibility in the market-place.

  • You will be able to use Neuroscience as a means of measuring the success of your coaching intervention

  • You will receive multiple well-researched, simple, effective, and easy-to-use tools that will create lasting change for your clients.

10 Reasons you should use Neuroscience in your Coaching


Brain-focused Leadership Development

and Coaching Program Design

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